Creating what all Mamas deserve to receive

The Karma Mamas are two mamas and a movement. We're creating the ultimate mama retreat experience + community, something greater than anything we've ever be able to find - and trust us, we've tried!

As incredibly rewarding as motherhood and the journey is, can we all get real here? It's the most challenging and for some, the loneliest experience a mama has gone through.

It's easy to get caught up in the craziness of creating and raising a human life, and far too common for mamas to lose themselves and forget the importance of self-love.

We forget goals and lose direction outside of being a mom.

We disconnect with the outside world.

We somehow start believing we're the only ones who feel this way.

No way mama, we're in this together!

We're here to facilitate connection, growth, and positivity, and to help you realize the power of Karma in your life: giving to yourself what you want to receive daily.

Our retreats will combine our experience, expertise, and passions to guide you through a powerful transformation in your life and increase your well-being.

Pilates, yoga and other forms of movement are going to lift you and your booty up!

Journaling, mindfulness, healthy eating, and other self-love practices will allow for your growth far beyond our time at retreats together.

Workshops, discussions, and real conversations are going to ignite that fire inside to be the best version of you, to bring the best mama you can be to your family.

You're grounded mama and you deserve it!

Who are The Karma Mamas?


Sabrina McCool is a mama of two, wifey to Sean, seeker of adventure, and a booty shaking Pilates instructor. She resides in the beautiful Reno, Lake Tahoe area but is constantly hitting the road whether that’s camping along the 101, hitting the slopes in BC, or exploring through an exotic country. She feels that life is all about the adventures you take, the people you meet along the way, and if you’re not having fun…then what’s the point?

She met the love of her life on the dusty streets of Black Rock City at a little festival what is known to be called, Burning Man. There was more then just the man on fire as the two couldn’t keep each others eyes off one other and they feel deeply in love. Fast forward 8 years the lovely couple decided to enter into the realm of parenthood which has forever changed their lives.

Before they took this leap into becoming parents, Sabrina was making a living in the marketing and special events world and truly loved what she did. She worked for the jet setting global company, Nikki Beach, and when she moved back to Reno she took on the role of opening up a lululemon athletica showroom and store. Events and community are where her heart is at and of course she loves to work your core and make that booty burn teaching Pilates. She has a business marketing degree from UNR and is certified in Reformer 1, 2, 3, Mat 1 & 2, and Apparatus 1 through Balanced Body. Sabrina feels like she has accomplished her hearts wildest desires by implementing a strong vision and goals practice. If you write it down, manifest it, and set a by when date….it will happen. Pinky promise.


Jennifer Nascimento, better known as Jenna, is a San Diego native, mama to Oliver, Positive Psychology practitioner, yoga instructor, teacher, and entrepreneur. She loves fueling her mind and body with plants, yoga, and mindfulness practices. Although she's been lucky enough to call 5 different cities across the world, "home", she and her family are currently back in San Diego.

Jenna knew she wanted to make a difference in people's lives and never questioned getting into the field of psychology to do so - not until her senior year of college that is, when she discovered how strong the pull of travel and living abroad was on her heart. 

Deciding to postpone grad school was the first of a few life-changing, "holy shit, is this the right thing to do" decisions that required a huge trust that the Universe did have great things in store for her (even if she wasn't entirely sure of that concept at the time). Ultimately it led to studying abroad in Spain, meeting her future biz bestie, Sabrina; shifting career paths; moving to Australia; falling in love with her now hubs, Paulo; moving to Brazil to meet her better half's culture and language; teaching English; returning to the States; starting an online teaching business; and then to becoming a mama.

Not bad, Universe. Thanks!

Although she grew her online teaching business from nothing to success, she realized it wasn't the difference she was meant to make. A new pull was tugging on her heart, which led her back into psychology, yoga, and helping other mamas flourish.


The Karma Mama Story:

What makes the Karma Mama movement and creation so powerful is the similarity in feelings that Sabrina and Jenna were sharing with one another along their motherhood journeys. They both couldn’t wait to become mothers, and both feel it's been their greatest adventure. So why can something so wonderful create such negative emotions at times?

We knew we had everything in the world, but struggled with guilt and not feeling as grateful as we knew we were. We struggled with our "new identities" as mothers, a total shift from being badass, independent senoritas. We have been surrounded with an incredible support system of family and friends, yet struggled with loneliness in the mama cave.

While sharing some of these struggles with one another, they realized that while the specifics may vary, the core difficulties were the same. Even more, they knew they weren't alone in it.

So they set out to create a fix and make a difference: to create more positive Karma in the world and create the space to give and receive.

As we discovered, parts of what the Karma Mama movement offers were available as individual experiences: self-growth workshops & retreats, yoga retreats, conferences, mom groups, goal coaching, pilates classes, etc..

But nothing existed as a cohesion of these things.

No where existed for mamas to get away and connect with other mamas who just get it: to learn, and grow together in a super supportive community all while (re)discovering themselves, increasing well-being, and exercising the booty and mind.


And so.... the birth of the Karma Mamas.