Yoga Postures & Foam Rolling to Help with Menstrual Pain

Without going into too much detail, yoga is super beneficial, in general, as it supports your relaxation, which helps your hypothalamus regulate hormones (aka MOODS) :) and gets your blood and oxygen flowing, as well as strengthening/stretching your muscles.

Great news, even if you're not a "yogini" or someone who practices regularly, today's tip will show you 2 helpful postures & how to use a foam roller to help with our lovely Mama monthly cramps and mood disruptions. I definitely suffer from low back cramps and some extra irritability before/during my period and these are some of my go-tos! 

1. Reclining Bound Angle pose (Supta Baddha Konasana) with a supportive strap, blanket and bolster.

Use a bolster [or a couch cushion as you see in the picture ;) ] and place it vertically behind you, so you can lie back with your sacrum touching the edge. A blanket under your head will support your neck. Next, take the strap around your sacrum, up and over your hips/inner thighs, and around/under your feet. Bring the soles of your feet together and open up your knees to the side. ((Use support under your knees if you're feeling any low back strain)). Breathe deeply and relax into the position, allowing the bolster and strap to support your body which keeps you passive and relaxed.

I like this one as it helps me slow down, open up, and ground into Mother Earth. It helps open my heart and welcome gratitude, and relieves cramps, tension, and pain in the low belly, pelvic area, and low back. The deep, slow breathing allows my stress and irritability to decrease as well.


2. Child's pose (Adho Mukha Virasana) with supporting bolsters

Use 2 bolsters (or big supportive pillows) in a T-shape in front of your body, and get into a wide-legged Child’s pose. Bring your toes together, keep your knees wide, and straddle the bolster as you rest onto it. Wrap your arms around the pillow/bolster in front of you and completely relax onto this support. Breathe deeply as you relax your belly and abdominal muscles, your pelvic area, vaginal muscles, and “sink” into prompts supporting your body.

Another grounding pose, I like to feel the Earth underneath me as I relax deeper into the connection. I close my eyes and often use this time as a meditation or a quick nap ;). The support of the bolsters release tension/strain in our menstrual areas.


3. Foam rolling

I start with my booty on a dense foam roller with knees bent and feet on the floor (as pictured). I roll up and down my glutes, including down the hamstrings and below sacrum. After, I'll do each of my IT bands.

This not only massages the muscles surrounding my lady bits doing their thing, it also helps with circulation and relaxation.


What are some of your go-tos when you feel PMS coming on and your period’s various challenges?


Jenna Nascimento